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With Hair Extensions, you can wake up every day with the hair of your dreams!  If you would like to add instant length, color or volume to your hair, book a hair extensions consultation with one of our friendly team

TRESS Extensions

The Hair Extension system used at Tress Salon is an innovative tape-in system derived from the highest quality Remy human hair, which is ethically sourced.

  • Perfectly matched to the Aveda color line
  • Can be can be reused and reapplied
  • Won’t compromise the integrity of your natural hair

Whatever length or color you choose you can be certain to leave our Salon looking gorgeous.


How Much Will My Extensions Cost?

Prices vary for extensions based on the length and condition of your hair, and the desired look.  An exact price will be given after a consultation with one of our hair extensions experts at Tress Salon & Spa.


Hair Extensions Appointment

Book a complimentry consultation for your Extensions and change the way you look. Call Tress 559.395.4402


Frequently asked questions about hair extensions:

Can I Exercise with my Extensions?

You can wear your Extensions while exercising without damaging them, it is a good idea to wear your hair up in a ponytail while exercising. After swimming in salt or chlorinated water rinse your hair with fresh water, to keep them in good condition. Your lifestyle doesn’t need to change at all and you will continue to look gorgeous with your long locks.


Will my Extensions Match My Own Hair Color?

Our Extensions are available in 30 colors ranging from ash blonde to deep black. Speak to your stylist at Tress Salon for advice on choosing the right hair color for you.


How Long Will My Extensions Last?

Hair extensions appeal to all ages, as women play with different looks, choosing to add color, volume or length, for a special occasion or just to make a simple change. Our Hair Extensions are tape-in and reusable and recommended wear is 6-8 weeks. Your hair extensions will totally change the way you look and will look totally natural when fitted by a specialist at our Salon.


Caring for your Extensions

After your  extensions have been applied don’t shampoo and condition your hair for at least 48 hours. Prior to shampooing brush your hair and shampoo in an even, downward motion, being gentle with your extensions. Avoid applying conditioners, oils or styling products directly to the bonds and always use a medium heat setting when using styling tools. Speak to your stylist about caring for your new Hair Extensions at Tress Salon.

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